And We're Off!

And We're Off!

No more waiting for everything to align, it's time to get things going and iterating as we learn more from you our friends and customers.

Things that are ready:

  • 5 jerky options (Napalm is work in progress)!
  • The JBN die cut stickers.
  • The JBN t-shirts (short and long sleeve).
  • We have local delivery from the JBN Team for orders within 70 miles of the Seattle area give or take.

Things we are troubleshooting:

  • The Pioneer and Sapper passes.
  • The JBN hoodies (I have a black and grey one I wear all the time, but I haven't taken pictures).

For your patience and support, all items (except for Pioneer and Sapper pass) are 10% off during January.




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