The Jerks Breachin Nekkid Team

The nutters who make this madhouse go.

Philipp Vu

Dehydrator In Chief Head -

1 L and 2 P's at the end. He was originally a 12F way back when, but the Army decided to kill the MOS and Vu became a 12B.

He was an E1 twice, E4 twice, and medically retired as a 12B NCO (only once) from the WA National Guard.

Enlisted straight out of high school, had too much fun, became a civilian again and spent 20+ years in tech supply chain and logistics operations.

In 2022, had 2 wee little ischemic strokes and suddenly wanted to make people around him more content in life eating good dried beef.

James Foreman

The Real Number 2 -

James is a 12B through and through. He's got a bad back and crap knees to show for it.

After the Army, he went to culinary school so thanks to James, we have the kitchen cred too. Imagine that! A food business with an actual food person who studied it!

A great friend and partner to have skirting the law or trying out new business. He'll tell it to you straight and will carry a good conversation until whenever.

He's Number 2 because someone has to be ready to stand in the breach just in case that Vu guy has his 3rd stroke.

James thinks he's a great chef so we all got a little friendly competition to see who's recipe will reign supreme (suck it Cheeseburger)!!

Melissa Foreman

Innovation and Safety Officer -

Doc is serious about her safety, quality, and tastes. She's also married to another team member but we're not sure which one.

She grew up in the Northeast of the USA, saying funny words and having an odd accent that make most people ask, "Where are you from?"

Melissa was a medic known to most of us as our "Doc". We'd be broken Engineers without her! She had the best of times with her brothers - Brothers for Life!

Because she loves us, she is a full-time nurse by profession in addition to helping us yahoos with quality, safety, taste testing, and perfecting our unique recipes.

It's good to have a grown up around.

Alika Virtudes

So Good No Job Title Needed-

Alika came to the team from the great state of Hawaii. Unlike the other 12Bs in the team, he's actually motivated and went to some cool guy Engineer schools.

Like everyone on the team, he enjoys good food, friends, and fun times. He's our personable cool guy which is a great asset for our small team.

Fun fact: dude can skateboard too (ask him about the old school videos!).

We're going to kick ass with such a renaissance man (don't take my word for it, look at the combat ukulele he's rocking in the pic). He can ollie, cook good stuff, and put on his NCO hat to lead (he also takes great care of people around him with or without that NCO hat).

AND.. and.. and we also needed his young age to bring down the team's average age (most of us are old as dirt) on our team to align better with the younnger demographics.

Vixai Nackviseth

Community Outreach / Restauranteur -

Vixai (middle) brings the pure civilian flavor to the team. He was born in Laos but now calls Washington home.

He and Vu met way back when while both were at Hazen High School during the 90s. He and his family introduced Lao flavors to Vu and it influences his tastes and recipes to this day.

In addition to being an integral part of the JBN team, Vixai is managing the Sap Sap (see, not an Engineer, but half way to a Sapper!) Lao Cafe and Deli in White Center.

This will allow JBN jerky to be picked up in White Center with Lao cooking as another foodie option!