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Ma Deuce Bravo (Dehydrated Steak)

Ma Deuce Bravo (Dehydrated Steak)

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Biltong-inspired dehydrated steak. We use the goodness of the Ma Deuce recipe with a thicker steak so there is more beefiness in each bite.

The Ma Deuce Bravo comes in 3oz with individual steaks that you can cut it as thick or as thin as you like. Enjoy the fresher beefiness in all of its uniqueness.

Ma Deuce flavor consists of cumin, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, paprika, sugar for contrast, cayenne for a little heat, and soy sauce to tie it all together.

Taster comments - 

"It's really good. It's surprising because when you hear beef jerky you don't expect the flavors I am getting. The cumin is a really good change."

"It reminds me and my friends of Chinese Sichuan flavors."

"You can definitely taste the beefiness of the thicker cuts."

Estimated ready to ship is 4 days for orders placed before 12PM.

Disclaimer - Photos are examples of product and product information only. Actual deliveries may differ in bag type and labeling. Cutting board and knife DEFINITELY NOT INCLUDED.

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Customer Reviews

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Tender and tasty!

Loved the steak style and taste of the Ma Duece Bravo. And it's really tender.