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Mike Delta Jerky

Mike Delta Jerky

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Our Doc's very own. She describes it as "a little tang with a little bang." This unique recipe is inspired by her home state of Maryland and her love for all things ranch dressing.

It's got everything you would find in ranch dressing along with paprika, celery salt, and bay leaves.

Taster feedback:

"The flavor is so intense. It's very different than the other jerky when you think of jerky."

"This is my favorite of all the samples you've given me."

On that note, this author has to begrudgingly admit that Doc's Mike Delta is the current leader in customer orders.

Estimated ready to ship is 4 days for orders placed before 12PM.

Disclaimer - Photos are examples of product and product information only. Actual deliveries may differ in bag type and labeling. Cutting board and knife DEFINITELY NOT INCLUDED.

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Customer Reviews

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The tang jerky

This jerky is really good because of its tangy ness. Like the kind you find in coleslaw. Not to mention I cut up a few slivers and added as a meat portion for my salad and it gave the right amount of flavor. Balance the salad well with carrots, cheese, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes. And some onions. Sounds like a taco salad to me ha! But this is a great jerky for on the go for a hike too, not to spicy and not too dry. Has some moist to it.