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Ma Deuce Jerky

Ma Deuce Jerky

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The Ma Deuce is like its Army namesake, reliable and packs a punch full of tastes! You will get layers of flavor from cumin, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, paprika, sugar, cayenne, and soy sauce to tie it all together.

Taster comments - 

"It's really good. It's surprising because when you hear beef jerky you don't expect the flavors I am getting. The cumin is a really good change."

"It reminds me and my friends of Chinese Sichuan flavors."

Estimated ready to ship is 4 days for orders placed before 12PM.

Disclaimer - Photos are examples of product and product information only. Actual deliveries may differ in bag type and labeling. Cutting board and knife DEFINITELY NOT INCLUDED.

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